National Recovery, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [When do I get my money?]
A: [NRI works on a contingency basis.  That mean when the debtor sends a check then you receive your money.]

Q: [How can I send accounts to NRI for collection?]
A: [Placements for collection can be faxed, emailed or mailed using the U.S. post office to NRI.]

Q: [What information should be sent to NRI?]
A: [Debtor's complete name and address which might appear on a statement or perhaps invoice(s); phone number(s); email address; if a contractual debt, a copy of the contract; and anything unique to your business that might help in defining and collecting the obligation.]

Q: [If I receve a debtor payment what should I do?]
A: [Notify NRI of the payment so that we have the most up to date payment information.   NRI will bill you for the fee and only after the check has cleared the bank, mail a check for the fee.]

Q: [If NRI receives a check when will I receive a check?]
A: [NRI will mail you a check less our fee after  the debtor check has successfully cleared the debtor's bank.]